Power Distribution Centers & Medium Voltage Switchgear

Power Distribution Centers

Keystone delivers fully assembled power distribution centers from 5kV to 35kV. All substation power centers are assembled and tested to specification. Each PDC typically contains:

Customized metal clad switchgear
AC power distribution and utilities
DC power distribution and battery systems
Protection and control equipment
Communication systems and RTUs
Custom control devices and wiring
Field termination cabinet

Medium Voltage Switchgear

Keystone has a long history of manufacturing metal clad switchgear from 2400V to 38kV. Historically, Keystone manufactured the switchgear, including metal fabrication and machining. In order to take advantage of manufacturing efficiencies, Keystone now purchases the building, switchgear, breakers and control components from the leading industry manufacturers. Then we do what we do best – custom assemble, wire, and test Power Distribution Centers (PDC) to our customers’ detailed specifications.