Turnkey Substation Control Centers

Keystone delivers fully assembled substation control centers built to customer specifications. Our team uses only best-in-class equipment from the leading manufacturers.

Substation control centers range in size from small 20′ by 14′ buildings to doublewide 60′ by 30′ buildings. All units are pre-assembled, providing significant cost savings over field assembled methods.

AC panelboards and AC distribution wiring
DC panelboards and DC distribution wiring
DC battery systems including charger, rack, spill containment, and batteries
Termination cabinets (indoor and outdoor) or pull boxes

Keystone installs all protection, control, communication, and metering panels; RTUs; SCADA cabinets; and performs inter-panel wiring and cabling to the termination cabinet.

Utilities – including HVAC, lighting, security systems, and safety apparatus – are installed, wired, and tested as part of the complete system.