Quality Assurance and Testing

Every Keystone product is rigorously tested – both in-process and prior to shipment – using our documented quality assurance program. All equipment is point-to-point continuity tested. Relay acceptance, high voltage, and functional testing procedures are conducted according to IEEE/ANSI standards.

When specifications require, we functionally test per three lines and DC control schematics. Three phase currents and potentials are injected and checked by phase angle meter. Every element in the DC control scheme is confirmed for proper operation.

Our Doble F6150e test set, Peschel 100KV Hi Pot, and custom breaker simulator are applied to critical components.

We welcome and encourage customers to visit our facility for inspections and testing.

In Process Testing


Hi Pot Testing

Functional Testing

Functional Testing
AC potential: relaying, metering
AC current
Sync circuit
DC control circuits
Interconnected and test line ups